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Indulge yourself in the delicious simplicity of cookies hand-made with real butter and natural flavors!


Michael’s Cookie Jar has been serving the finest cookies in Houston for more than 11 years and now has three locations around Houston! Our main store is located in West University Place at 5330 Weslayan.  Our downtown store is located at 711 Louisiana and our newest store is in Tanglewood at 1864 Fountain View. With the Tanglewood store we’ve added an espresso bar from Boomtown Coffee and locally made ice cream from Fat Cat Creamery!

Visit us for your daily snack and exhilarate your senses with the intoxicating sights and smells of freshly baked cookies! We’re here for one reason only: to make your day special.

From the time he was a boy and baked with his Italian Grandmother, to his education at the Culinary Institute of America and subsequent 13 year tenure with The Four Seasons Hotel & Resorts, Michael has followed his affinity for the seemingly simple (yet immensely satisfying!) cookie to what would be his destiny: Michael’s Cookie Jar. It all started in 2006 in a shared kitchen in Tomball. Michael’s singular mission was to make the finest all-butter cookies in town. Originally sold only through his website and local retailers, the demand for these exquisite chef-crafted cookies grew and Michael opened his first retail bakery in 2010 in West U. The Pennzoil store opened in 2013 and the Tanglewood store opened in 2017.

Every day Michael and his talented team bring together the nostalgia of our childhood memories with the dedication and skill of a trained pastry chef to create a truly delicious culinary experience. Whether you need treats for your clients, your staff or just a little “pick-me-up” for yourself, count on Michael’s Cookie Jar to make your day special. It’s calories well spent.

Chocolate Pizazz

genericgb6In March of 2016, Chocolate Pizazz became an exclusive brand of Michael’s Cookie Jar. We had been carrying some of the Chocolate Pizazz best sellers for several years, but now both our locations have an expanded “Chocolate Pizazz Boutique” which offer many more “grab & go” gift options. We are also very fortunate that founders Jeri Wolff and Helen Ewing will continue taking care of customers and corporate accounts as employees of Michael’s Cookie Jar. Visit the Chocolate Pizazz website to see all the products that will make you “a bunch of happy!”

About Chocolate Pizazz

Helen and Jeri have been friends for more than 25 years. Both ladies have had an affinity for sweets as long as they can remember. Helen was known amongst her friends for making great pralines and Jeri loved to “bling” popcorn by adding chocolate and sprinkles. When their kids went to college, they decided to start Chocolate Pizazz in 2006. They were fortunate enough to have a very large opening order which sent them on their way to making people all over Houston “Bunches of Happy!” You can find Chocolate Pizazz at or call 713-932-0991 to place an order.

About Michael

Michael is a professionally trained pastry chef with a degree from the Culinary Institute of America. His real education, however, took place during his 13 year tenure with the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. After working with some of the finest culinary professionals in hospitality, Michael heard his calling to start his own business.

From the time he was a child, and throughout his career, Michael had a special place in his heart for cookies. These bite-sized morsels seemed, in Michael’s words, to be poetry in food, seemingly simple in their brevity but complex and satisfying in actuality. Every culture of the world has its own sweet morsels and this universality seemed the perfect reason to focus his attention on cookies.

Employment Opportunities

We are always ready to interview candidates to work in customer service or the pastry kitchen. We understand that a balanced life includes more than just work, which is why we have successfully accommodated everything from the hectic schedules of moms and students (who may only want part-time work) to culinary graduates looking for full-time work. We’ve employed students from nearby high schools, all the major universities and every culinary school in Houston. If we have an opening, I’m sure we’ve got room for you too!

We have also recently introduced an Pastry Apprenticeship Program for hard-working candidates, who may not have sufficient previous professional pastry experience.

Click here to learn more about working or apprenticing at the bakery.